CrossLink Medical Resources® is launching its Pilot Program beginning with a population containing the highest Hepatitis C prevalence:the Egyptian-Americans. In 2013, CrossLink Medical Resources® has addressed resource gaps in the Hepatitis C community through the large influx of Egyptian immigrants in recent years:

  • Offered educational sessions to over 500 people led by a hepatologist and state health department in their own native language
  • Successful screening and counseling over 100 Egyptian-American people on National Hepatitis Day 2013
  • Acknowledgement by CDC for screening
  • Letter of Recognition from the Pennsylvania Department of Health as having conducted the highest number of all Hepatitis C Virus (HCV) screenings reported for 2013 events.

ContinentsCrossLink Medical Resources® Hepatitis C program intends to connect individuals with the HCV global healthcare community by supporting healthcare navigation and delivery in a personalized, integrated, and comprehensive approach. The process is structured to reduce barriers to care and support optimal treatment based on HCV genotype and other factors.

Man with Liver

Center for Disease Control (CDC) has declared Hepatitis C the most common chronic blood borne infection in the US. In fact, Hepatitis C has reached the threshold for the World Health Organization to declare it a global health problem. CrossLink Medical Resources® connects individuals with Hepatitis C to resources best suited to care for them in the global healthcare community. CrossLink Medical Resources'® program goal is to facilitate, advocate, and promote awareness and access to care for those suffering with Hepatitis C by developing a Patient Advocacy One Stop Center:

  • A secure consumer interface using software technology
  • A comprehensive database of medical resource information
  • A centralized advocacy process to connect patients to personalized services.

CrossLink Medical Resources'® current objective is to develop and implement a prototype of a Patient Advocacy One Stop Center—Specifically an online, personalized, and secure consumer interface that utilizes innovative, intelligent software technology and a comprehensive database to deliver medical resource information tailored to the consumer's needs. Our goal is to create a centralized and defragmented personal healthcare advocacy process, directly connecting patients to the services which are right for their own unique medical needs.

CrossLink Medical Resources® Helping Others.

CrossLink Medical Resources® plans to develop a comprehensive health and patient advocacy methodology around a three tiered approach. Tier 1, the cornerstone of CrossLink Medical Resources'® services, will consist of a website linking consumers to resources, which will utilize innovative technology to process a consumer's medical profile and output a comprehensive report of compatible resources. Tier 2 will increase the accessibility of this innovative interface by introducing mobile kiosks manned with CrossLink Medical Resources® patient advocates to assist consumers with the process of connecting themselves to available resources. Finally, for consumers who are unable to reach support or solutions in tiers one or two, a personal CrossLink Medical Resources® representative will be assigned at Tier 3 to guide these individuals through their medical needs.


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