Partner & Volunteer Opportunities

CrossLink Medical Resources® is searching for partners interested in making a positive impact on patients whether their partnership objective is philanthropy or to support their business and strategic objectives.

CrossLink Medical Resources® is searching for dedicated volunteers who support our mission to write grants, mentor student volunteers, seek fundraising opportunities, and develop program activities.

CrossLink Medical Resources® development needs begin with Tier 1 program development activities. Tier 1 activity is to develop a personalized patient referral mechanism through the creation of a data interface and clearinghouse repository that collects, stores, and disseminates health and patient advocacy organization information.

CrossLink Medical Resources® is searching for businesses, organizations, and individuals willing to partner with us to achieve Tier 1 objectives by funding or resources.

CrossLink Medical Resources® is searching for a law firm willing to provide corporate non-profit development support.

CrossLink Medical Resources® is in need of office space and other administrative items to support our resource ramp up as we begin program development activities.

We are interested in hearing from you on any of these requests. Click here to contact us via email.