Project Launch

CrossLink Medical Resources® is launching its Pilot Program beginning with a population containing the highest Hepatitis C prevalence:the Egyptian-Americans. In 2013, CrossLink Medical Resources® has addressed resource gaps in the Hepatitis C community through the large influx of Egyptian immigrants in recent years:

  • Offered educational sessions to over 500 people led by a hepatologist and state health department in their own native language
  • Successful screening and counseling over 100 Egyptian-American people on National Hepatitis Day 2013
  • Acknowledgement by CDC for screening
  • Letter of Recognition from the Pennsylvania Department of Health as having conducted the highest number of all Hepatitis C Virus (HCV) screenings reported for 2013 events.

Launch GraphicCrossLink Medical Resources® Hepatitis C program intends to connect individuals with the HCV global healthcare community by supporting healthcare navigation and delivery in a personalized, integrated, and comprehensive approach. The process is structured to reduce barriers to care and support optimal treatment based on HCV genotype and other factors.